KETOS is a frontier tech company pioneering in providing water intelligence for Industry.

KETOS offers a vertically integrated solution combining robotics, data science, materials and IoT for water. Its software-enabled hardware and predictive intelligence enables operators to optimize process control, improve water treatment/ reuse, meet compliance requirements and boost efficiency through 100% autonomous (labor-free) monitoring and being affordable as a $0 CapEx/Purchase offering.

Founded in Sep 2015, KETOS is a venture-backed company led by CEO Meena Sankaran and recognized by Nasdaq, Goldman Sachs, Forbes, Global Water Awards, World Open Innovation Conference and others.  Through insight-driven decision making, KETOS is adding significant value on industrial discharge, municipal recycling, agricultural crop yield, food safety and public health with specificity, sensitivity and accuracy comparable to labs in real-time.

"You can't act on what you don't measure". Smart water grids and management can be built with the very crux of effective data sensing, collection, mining and analysis with interoperable systems. KETOS helps customers to focus on the value of their data through a holistic architecture as part of their unique digital journey.


When it comes to understanding water utilization or measuring leaks directly, compared to just estimations or having partial data from acoustic and noise logging measurements, our innovative KETOS Wave Fabric (patent issued) provides the necessary data real-time for customers to take action.  

KETOS Shield Fabric allows for providing real-time and on-demand monitoring of several ionic, environmental, water health parameters, amongst other contaminants.


With the KETOS SHIELD, water operators are able to test their water quality autonomously, on a preset schedule, and receive alerts and notifications so that they always know what the quality of their water is.

Nathan Askins, Director of Business Technology at Breakwater Energy Partners, describes how easy it is to install KETOS Shield. 

In our latest webinar with Breakwater Energy, KETOS spoke with Nathan Askins, Director of Business Technology, to get his take on the challenges of water monitoring for remote locations. 

Hear from Breakwater Energy how easy they found a KETOS set up to be, including how no training was necessary post-install.

In a recent webinar, Breakwater Energy explained how KETOS could deliver a solution for balancing chemical usage and how it was a game-changer for their organization.

In a recent KETOS webinar, we spoke with Breakwater Energy about their experience using KETOS for water quality monitoring within their oil and gas operations.

Recently, KETOS sat down with Nathan Askins, Director of Business Technology at Breakwater Energy Partners, to discuss KETOS SHIELD and the difference between KETOS and traditional water quality testing methods.

Water monitoring for oil and gas has its unique challenges due mainly to the fact that the water itself is never homogenous.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) serves more than 2.2 million residents in Southern Nevada. The SNWA is responsible for water treatment and delivery, as well as acquiring and managing long-term water resources for Southern Nevada. The KETOS SHIELD has been a key piece to their water treatment operation.

Ketos is focused on delivering an end to end solution for solving water crisis. Learn about what KETOS does for Water from the team.



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