KETOS is a frontier tech company pioneering in providing water intelligence for Industry.

KETOS offers a vertically integrated solution combining robotics, data science, materials and IoT for water. Its software-enabled hardware and predictive intelligence enables operators to optimize process control, improve water treatment/ reuse, meet compliance requirements and boost efficiency through 100% autonomous (labor-free) monitoring and being affordable as a $0 CapEx/Purchase offering.

Founded in Sep 2015, KETOS is a venture-backed company led by CEO Meena Sankaran and recognized by Nasdaq, Goldman Sachs, Forbes, Global Water Awards, World Open Innovation Conference and others.  Through insight-driven decision making, KETOS is adding significant value on industrial discharge, municipal recycling, agricultural crop yield, food safety and public health with specificity, sensitivity and accuracy comparable to labs in real-time.

"You can't act on what you don't measure". Smart water grids and management can be built with the very crux of effective data sensing, collection, mining and analysis with interoperable systems. KETOS helps customers to focus on the value of their data through a holistic architecture as part of their unique digital journey.


When it comes to understanding water utilization or measuring leaks directly, compared to just estimations or having partial data from acoustic and noise logging measurements, our innovative KETOS Wave Fabric (patent issued) provides the necessary data real-time for customers to take action.  

Understanding water quality is paramount across private and public sector globally. With a unique and patented approach, that’s EPA compliant, our KETOS Shield Fabric (patent issued) allows for providing real-time and on-demand monitoring of several ionic, environmental, water health parameters, amongst other contaminants.



420 S Hillview Dr.

Milpitas, CA 95035


Contact: Meena Sankaran


  • Next-Gen Water Monitoring: Autonomous And Real-Time Results

    Municipal, commercial, and industrial water users all face a common issue — how to monitor the quality of the water they use, dispose of, or distribute in a timely, cost-effective manner.

  • Predictive Problem Solving With Analytics

    Data generation has exploded in recent years. In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone, and estimates predict that the Worldwide Big Data market will double in the next several years.

  • The Value Of Wave Integration With PRVs

    Distribution system water main breaks are a significant burden to communities and water systems not only due to disruption of water service to customers, but also due to significant economic burdens in the form of pipe replacement costs, excavation costs, and even insurance reimbursements. Read the full white paper to learn the KETOS Wave can be easily installed into existing PRVs to monitor the pressure and flow in the downstream side of the valve and proactively act in real-time as needed.

  • $0 CAPEX Model Aids Innovation In Changing Water Environments

    Managers of industrial, municipal, and agricultural water quality or water use monitoring can attest to the challenges of balancing depth of detail against the costs of achieving it. Now, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business model is rewriting the economic impacts of those challenges by repackaging water monitoring capabilities to meet evolving needs more efficiently.

  • How To Earn Straight 'A's For Water Accountability

    Specific needs for data accountability can vary widely across diverse market applications — industrial, municipal, agricultural, etc. Yet the underlying goal of each application is to gain the best insights for informed decision-making at the best overall value between capital expense and operating expense. Water monitoring Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers new ways to achieve exactly that.

  • What’s Missing From Your Water-Monitoring Strategy?

    When it comes to water quality monitoring, professionals in municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications might have distinctly different concerns about what they measure, but they all share a common concern about the cost and ease of obtaining that data. Fortunately, a new alternative for achieving water quality data and analytics with a high degree of autonomy, accuracy, and affordability is now available to all of them.

  • Real-Time Water Quality Data For Industrial Operations

    We arm plant operators with actionable data necessary to make informed decisions about water management in industrial facilities.

  • Municipal Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

    We arm municipalities with actionable data necessary to make informed decisions about water quality in their communities

  • Real-Time Water Quality Data For Agriculture

    We arm farmers with mission-critical water data to help enhance crop yield and taste. KETOS delivers valuable insights for fluctuations in deficiency and toxicity.