Uniquely specialized to be the most adept of its kind, this colorimetric analyzer is engineered at the intersection of precision and economy. Every detail has been designed to perfect performance and user experience.

CST’s Turbidimeter continuously and accurately measures turbidity using NIR spectroscopy. Turbidity measurements are important indicators in many industries and applications as they not only influence the yield of the industrial process, but also detect factors which are detrimental to a system. The Turbidimeter consists of a PX2+ used in conjunction with either an extractive flow cell or in situ transmission probe.

The Chlorine Analyzer is designed for continuous, real-time monitoring of hypochlorite. The all-inclusive Chlorine Analyzer comes preassembled in a waterproof NEMA4X enclosure with a dedicated sample flow cell outside the enclosure. The analyzer includes a PX2+ photometer with two fiber optic cables and a flow cell with two optical interface couplers.

The 3/8″ EZ-CAL Flow Cell provides users with a means of calibrating without having to introduce sensitive, volatile calibration solutions and gases into their process stream. 


Since our establishment in 1980, Custom Sensors & Technology has been dedicated to providing customers with robust integrated process monitoring equipment and accessories.  We have over 40 years of experience designing process analytical systems for industries such as Food/Beverage, Pulp/Paper, Chemical/Petrochemical Pharmaceutical and BioProcessing.  We pride ourselves on our ability to devise innovative process monitoring solutions for difficult applications. Our goal is to create products that add value to your process, and we stand behind our workmanship.



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