BlueInGreen is a gas dissolution expert that provides the most efficient method of dissolving gases in water. Delivering effective solutions for a variety of water treatment and industrial process applications, including dissolving and entraining oxygen for the biological treatment of wastewater, the remediation of pollutes surface waters, and odor control and corrosion control in collection systems; dissolving and entraining carbon dioxide to create carbonic acid on demand for pH control, remineralization, and  acid replacement; and, dissolving and entraining ozone for disinfection and other oxidation of contaminants.

BlueInGreen is part of ChartWater™― a brand of Chart Industries’ ― offering a comprehensive portfolio of proven and innovative water treatment solutions from AdEdge Water Technologies, Chart Industries, and Howden.


Combat odor and corrosion problems in your collection system with BlueInGreen technology. Designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, our odor control solutions offer an effective alternative to chemical treatment in force main and gravity sewers. 

BlueInGreen odor control solutions are designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, an effective alternative to chemical treatment. 

Built on proven BlueInGreen gas dissolution technology, our solutions offer unparalleled advantages for ozonation of water and wastewater. Whether eliminating DBP issues or minimizing the discharge of emerging contaminants, BIG excels.

From simple in-process pH adjustment and alkalinity addition to large recarbonation projects, BlueInGreen delivers results.

BlueInGreen technology utilizes a pressurized process to rapidly and efficiently dissolve oxygen in a side stream, offering multiple benefits in a host of municipal, industrial and ecological water treatment applications. Winner of the WEF Innovative Technology Award, BIG Oxygenation is the solution that started it all.


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