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Electrocoagulation Technology Electrocoagulation Technology

Electrocoagulation is an electro-chemical process that simultaneously removes heavy metals, suspended solids, emulsified organics and many other contaminants from water using electricity instead of expensive chemical reagents. The process uses electricity and sacrificial plates to combine with contaminants in a waste stream, producing insoluble oxides and hydroxides - floc - that are easily separated from the clear water.

Tank Rental and Service Tank Rental and Service

Flexibility, Capacity, Experience
We pioneered the industry more than 65 years ago, and today we’re one of the largest and most experienced tank rental company in the world. With an unmatched inventory of tanks and accessories, we rent 17 varieties of steel tanks alone, along with poly tanks, roll off boxes, and specialty equipment.

Pump Rental, Sales and Service Pump Rental, Sales and Service

We Know Pumps. We Know Systems. And We Know How To Get The Job Done.
Whatever the challenge—wastewater removal, flood control, sewer bypass or hydroblast pad water recirculation—you’ll find BakerCorp on the job. BakerCorp offers a combination of equipment selection and application expertise that you can rely on when you’re up against a tough pumping project. Our cross-trained field personnel partner with you to help build solutions that will be cost-effective, labor-friendly and dependable. From system design and set-up to removal after a completed job, you can count on pumping solutions from BakerCorp.

Filtration Rental, Sales and Service Filtration Rental, Sales and Service

On-Site Filtration Services. Best-In-Class Systems
Our team offers an extensive knowledge of contaminants, environmental requirements and regulations, non-hazardous material management and health & safety—enabling us to design solutions to help meet specific project requirements for both temporary and permanent applications. And once in place, our on-site service technicians provide comprehensive support.

Trench Shoring Rental, Sales And Service Trench Shoring Rental, Sales And Service

Maximum Safety With Minimum Hassle
With over 20 years of shoring experience, BakerCorp has the people, the equipment and the solutions you’ll want working on your job. From slide rail shoring, to steel and aluminum trench shields, to hydraulic shoring, BakerCorp has what you need to provide maximum safety on the jobsite with minimum hassle.

Municipal Solutions Municipal Solutions

Fast, Flexible And Cost-Effective Municipal Solutions

Our full line of tanks, pumps, filtration and shoring equipment, means you've got a one-call partner on your next municipal project. From sewer bypasses, rapid response service, environmentally-sensitive sound attenuated pumps or odor control systems, we've got it covered.

Environmental Remediation Solutions Environmental Remediation Solutions

Flexibility, Capacity, Cost Effectiveness—Integrated Remediation Systems

Baker remediation systems are custom-designed to be placed into the heart of your environmental remediation project, expertly aligned for cost-optimized treatment processes. And their larger capacities mean more efficient maintenance, testing and batching of waste streams.



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  • Electrocoagulation For 'Untreatable' Water
    Electrocoagulation For 'Untreatable' Water

    Whatever the setting, and however contaminated your water, BakerCorp has a solution. That's the message shared by Mehrzad Emanuel (Vice President, Filtration), Doug Herber (Vice President, Water Treatment Technology), and Bruce Lesikar (Director of Engineering) in this video presentation from WEFTEC, where they discuss BakerCorp's electrocoagulation technology and its mobile treatment platform with Water Online Chief Editor Kevin Westerling.

  • Treatment Of Produced Water By Electrocoagulation
    Treatment Of Produced Water By Electrocoagulation

    Produced water (PW) is salty water trapped in the reservoir rock and brought up along with oil or gas during production. It subsists under high pressures and temperatures, and usually contains hydrocarbons and metals. Therefore, it must be treated before being discharged to surface water. Different techniques are being used to treat PW through phase separations, system control and design, and chemical treatments. In this paper, we discuss our experimental results on treating PW through electrocoagulation (EC).

  • Chromium Treatment
    Chromium Treatment

    A U.S. light aircraft manufacturing company uses an alkaline cleaner followed by an alkaline de-smutter, rinse, acid de-smutter (possibly using potassium permanganate), rinse, alodine, and a final rinse. The three 1,700 gal rinses are dumped approximately once each week, or more often, based on the pH.

  • Boat Hull Cleaning
    Boat Hull Cleaning

    A major U.S. waste management company provided a sample of wastewater generated by an underwater ship cleaning operation. The sample was to be tested in the KASELCO laboratory for removal of copper and zinc and for improvement of clarity (suspended solids removal). Customer is interested in treating 50GPM.

  • Electroplating 1 (CrVI, Ni, Zn, Cu)
    Electroplating 1 (CrVI, Ni, Zn, Cu)

    XXXX Plating Company operates a decorative plating shop in Los Angeles, Ca., doing finishes in nickel, copper, and chromium.

  • Electroplating 2 (Cr, Ni, Zn, Cu, Cd)
    Electroplating 2 (Cr, Ni, Zn, Cu, Cd)

    A California electroplater offers a number of finishes including nickel, EN, chromium, chemfilms, copper, cadmium, and zinc. They formulate most of the plating chemicals used in the plant, including the electroless nickel baths.

  • Foods - Biochemical Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand
    Foods - Biochemical Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand

    A food manufacturer in Washington state had a source of well water contaminated with vegetable and fish oils. A five gallon sample was was sent to Kaselco for testing via our electrocoagulation process.

  • Milk Waste - BOD, FOG, PO4
    Milk Waste - BOD, FOG, PO4

    A milk producer operates an evaporated milk production facility that generates an average of 58,000 gpd of contaminated water with spikes of 1,200 gallons up to 12 times per day. Two 2,000 gallon batch tanks are used for pH adjustment before discharge. Most of the flow goes through the tanks.

  • Electrocoagulation Examined For Waste Treatment At Copper Mine In South America
    Electrocoagulation Examined For Waste Treatment At Copper Mine In South America

    An international mining company was looking at electrocoagulation for waste treatment at a copper mine in South America. A sample from ore processing was provided for bench-scale testing.

  • Waste Treatment - Hogs
    Waste Treatment - Hogs

    Samples tested were from a hog feeding operation that uses a pull plug and flush system. The water supply for the barn is from the anaerobic lagoon.

  • Waste Treatment - Pigs
    Waste Treatment - Pigs

    This document describes a concept for a 10-25 circulating Kaselco trailer-mounted reaction system followed by dissolved air flotation (DAF).

  • 8 Ways To Eliminate Water Hammer
    8 Ways To Eliminate Water Hammer

    What is water hammer, and what is really happening during the water hammer effect? If untreated, water hammer can be dangerous to water treatment plants, as it can cause severe damage, including burst pipes or system failure for treatment stations. Download this white paper to learn what water hammer is, uncover its causes, and learn the steps necessary to reduce or eliminate it.

  • A Sewer Bypass Project For 'The T' Proves BakerCorp’s Penchant For Exceeding Customer Expectations
    A Sewer Bypass Project For 'The T' Proves BakerCorp’s Penchant For Exceeding Customer Expectations

    Rain or shine, one thing is certain: BakerCorp delivers solutions that fit customers’ needs to a “T.”

  • Tank Rental And Pump Rental Company BakerCorp Helps Rebuild History And Heal A Nation
    Tank Rental And Pump Rental Company BakerCorp Helps Rebuild History And Heal A Nation

    Five years after the events of September 11th, signs of healing and a return to normalcy can be seen in the heart of New York City as a rebuild of the World Trade Center quickly gets underway.

  • BakerCorp Delivers Frac Tanks For Spectra Energy
    BakerCorp Delivers Frac Tanks For Spectra Energy

    When BakerCorp Regional Branch Manager Derrell Miller received a call requesting 80 frac tanks, he thought it was a mistake—requests for 80 frac tanks just don’t happen every day.