AVANTech, LLC is a comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions provider. Our extensive experience in engineering process systems enables us to create integrated solutions that can dramatically improve operations in commercial nuclear, government, and industrial applications. AVANTech's approach to systems integration makes us uniquely qualified to provide turnkey service. Our broad range of services enables us to lend our expertise to an entire project—from planning through commissioning and beyond, including operational and remedial assistance needs.


Explore AVANTech's proven adsorption technology for effective arsenic removal, as well as their integrated systems for effective chromium removal and packaging. 

AVANTech's streamlined Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain (DBOM) approach uses standardized and proven technologies, minimizes cost and schedule, and delivers guaranteed performance without capital expense. 

AVANTech designs and manufactures Make-up Water Treatment Systems that remove turbidity, iron, chlorine, ions, and undissolved solids, and reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

It is from their nuclear experience that AVANTech’s expertise in the removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) was developed. The low concentrations of PFAS in wastewater and the hazardous nature of concentrated adsorbents are similar to those in past applications.

With REFRESH systems, AVANTech recycles a facility's chilled process water into high quality pure water for produce washing and plant operations. 

AVANTech’s Solids Collection Filter (SCF) has proven operating experience at commercial and government nuclear facilities, where it has been used for removing and packaging solids associated with tank/sump cleanouts, basin cleaning, and controlling spent fuel pool clarity.



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  • AVANTech has been awarded multiple contracts to provide towns in New England with ASME VIII pressure vessels containing PFAS selective media.

  • Explore how you can replace the operational troubles of many discrete water treatment technologies with a single modular unit, earning major savings on capital and footprint.

  • AVANTech has developed a proven, field tested strategy for minimizing waste generation and eliminating potential landfill leaching, and ultimately breaking the PFAS life cycle. 

  • AVANTech was contracted to design, fabricate, install, operate, and maintain a system to handle the unique characteristics of carbon fiber manufacturing effluent waste streams. Utilizing continuous flow through pH Adjust technology, the system handles continuous or batch flows through the use of an influent equalization system.

  • AVANTech was contracted to design and fabricate one 200-BP-5/200-PO-1 ion exchange modular skid unit consisting of three stainless steel, 8-ft diameter ion exchange vessels for the 200 West Area Pump and Treat System Project. AVANTech will also provide oversight for the installation and commissioning of the system in accordance with CPCCo technical specifications.

  • AVANTech completed bench-scale testing of a variety of solidification technologies to allow for the safe and efficient disposal of highly concentrated PFAS waste. The testing of AVANTech’s Advanced PFAS Polymerization (AP2) technology primarily focused on epoxy polymer solidification of PFAS-contaminated Ion Exchange resins.

  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) remediation is a topic of growing interest as federal, state, and local regulations on acceptable concentrations in drinking and waste waters become more common. The call for increased regulation and hazardous substance designation continues to grow – and has already resulted in several states issuing mandates. 

  • Discover how AVANTech’s simple, yet robust wastewater recovery system can be easily and cost effectively incorporated into commercial laundry facilities.

  • Learn how reverse osmosis provides cost and performance advantages compared to ion exchange.