Aqualitec provides a wide selection of cost-effective, innovative wastewater screening equipment and sludge treatment solutions. Aqualitec's innovative products are designed with simplicity as a guiding principle, because simplicity and reliability go hand-in-hand. Our wastewater treatment equipment requires minimal adjustment to existing infrastructure, is easy to operate, and requires very little maintenance. Aqualitec has decades of experience, with over 9,000 installations in 90 countries. Aqualitec brought its worldwide experience to the US market in 2009 with 100+ installations.


Aqualitec's bar screen Screentec is an automatic vertical bar screen specifically designed for headworks, pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and manholes. It protects pumps from rags, wipes, plastics and other solids. It also prevents pumps from clogging up, extends their life cycle and improves the quality of wastewater treatment.

Raketec is a multiple-rake bar screen system with no moving parts under grade level. It is a two-chain, free sprocket mechanism guarantying reliability and ease of use. A combination of stainless steel rakes, and durable brushes thoroughly cleans debris from the screen.

Compactec is a washer/compactor that conveys, cleans, dewaters, and compresses debris. The shaftless screw conveys screened debris, while the spray bar system sends organic material back to the system. The compression box reduces the volume of debris, lowering transportation costs. Compactec can retrofit any kind of bar screen equipment.

Drumtec is an internally fed rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial wastewater treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants.

Spiraltec is the all-in-one, shaftless cylindrical screw screen that collects, conveys, dewaters, and compresses wastewater solids. Spiraltec is a practical solution for small footprints and shallow channels.

Grittec is a grit classifier that separates rock, sand, and grit from screened wastewater. A large surface tank allows screened material to settle to the bottom, where a shaftless screw conveys screened debris to a dumpster.


Aqualitec Corp.

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Contact: Olivier Monfort


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