Applied Process Equipment, Inc. designs and manufacturers water treatment solutions addressing arsenic and other inorganic heavy metals for small water systems, rural water utilities, and commercial and industrial water users.   Our water treatment systems are installed in schools, small hospitals and manufacturing plants, RV parks, subdivisions and multi-user wells across north America.

The centerpiece of our standard product line is Applied Cartridge Systems. These drop-in-ready NSF 61 certified packages come complete with stainless steel housings, prefilters and easy-to-handle cartridges. Available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 GPM freestanding models and 50 and 100 GPM multi-vessel skid systems, Applied Cartridge Systems are ideal for flows from 5 to 500 GPM.

Applied Cartridge Systems offer small system managers a truly simple to operate water treatment solution. There’s NO BACKWASHING or media replacement, just periodic one-man cartridge changeout. The growing family of ATOMUS® cartridges allows Applied Cartridge Systems to address a range of water treatment issues including Arsenic, Phosphorus, Fluoride and, coming soon, PFAS.

When a complex water profile calls for it, we also design and build custom engineered water treatment and water filtration systems utilizing a combination of standard and custom-built components. These packaged treatment systems may use any one of a number of different technologies – bulk adsorption medias, RO, UV or Ozone.

Do you need a cost-effective replacement media for your existing water treatment system? We can help.

Do you need to remove Arsenic, Fluoride, Phosphorus or PFAS from drinking water? We can show you options.

Do you need to find a simple, trouble-free arsenic removal system that won’t break your small water system budget? We can help you find your answer.

Whether you have to install a new water treatment system or replace an existing one, we would be happy to review your application and explore options with you.


Applied Cartridge Systems are truly simple to operate water treatment solutions for small to medium size water systems. Standard products are available in five freestanding models and 50 and 100 GPM multi-vessel skids. Each drop-in-ready NSF 61 certified system package includes stainless steel housings and prefilters and offers a growing family of cartridges to address water treatment issues including Arsenic, Fluoride, Phosphorus and PFAS.

50 & 100 GPM Cartridge skid systems are ideal for commercial water treatment applications with tight footprints and limited operations support. Not requiring any backwashing or bulk media replacement, multi-vessel skids from Applied Cartridge Systems can be effectively operated with non-specialized personnel. Maintenance is simple, just periodic testing and one-man cartridge replacement.

The NSF 61 certified ATOMUS F11 Arsenic removal cartridges from Applied Cartridge Systems are ideal for addressing applications with complex water profiles.

Applied Cartridge Systems provide a choice of user-friendly cartridges to meet a range of water treatment issues. The NSF 61 certified ISOLUX® cartridges, (also known as ATOMUS® I22), are designed specifically to remove Arsenic from drinking water. Using a proprietary Zirconium adsorption media, ISOLUX® cartridges remove Arsenic III & V simultaneously down to non-detect levels, even in extremely high concentration applications.

A proprietary binary metal, ATOMUS® is available as both a granular bulk media and a specially formulated powder media for use in cartridges. Both media forms were designed not only to provide maximum capacity through the high surface area but also improved stability against pH upset.

Custom engineered water treatment cartridge skids from Applied Cartridge Systems are designed and constructed to match specific application requirements. In addition to a choice of water treatment cartridges, there is a wide range of design options available including layouts, catwalks, ladders and platforms.

ACS ATOMUS® PF8 features an NSF/ANSI 61 certified and proprietary filtration solution for the water treatment industry specifically designed to remove PFAS forever chemicals from drinking water.


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