Today, ALTRA Proven Solutions already successfully installed in major cities like Montreal, Toronto and New York and towns across North America. As always, our goal is to bring proven innovative water solutions for our customers and municipalities, who are facing a growing number of challenges including a network of dangerously aging water infrastructure, increases in extreme weather and ground deformation events (floods, earthquakes, extreme heat and cold), lead in drinking water and emerging contaminants like PFAS. 

With ALTRA, we are able to put our innovations to solve water issues to work, to address their most pressing issues before they become emergencies, ultimately saving them time, money and disruption, and ensuring the long-term safety and security of their communities.

Our innovative portfolio includes:

  • We have installed over 1300 miles of ALTRA Proven Water Technology, our water infrastructure renewal technology. Our proven technology renews and protects aging water infrastructure from the inside without any disruption to communities. Our solutions exceed all known standards and outperform every other solution in the world. Our technology is also certified by NSF, BNQ and classified UL. It has won a Water’s Next Award in 2020 as well as being certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of 1,000 efficient solutions to change the world.
  • Our ALTRA Proven Lead Solution has been installed 500,000 times around the world and is also certified and recognized by international organizations.
  • Our ALTRA PFAS Treatment offers the most robust solutions for highly contaminated PFAS environment at a fraction of the cost and risk of solutions that rely primarily on adsorption media (activated carbon or ion exchange resins).


ALTRA 10X is a next-generation technology that protects and renews your current water infrastructure from the inside: with minimal disruption to your communities. 

Learn the benefits that over 1,300 miles of installed water technology has proven so far.

ALTRA Water Technology is here to provide safe, clean water for generation, no matter what.

Learn how ALTRA Water Technology is utilizing their next-generation technology to renew and protect your aging water infrastructure from the inside. 

ALTRA Proven Lead solutions has been installed 500,000 times around the world and is also certified and recognized by many international organizations. 

Reliable PFAS extraction in water at a fraction of the cost and risk of solutions that rely primarily on adsorption media (activated carbon or ion exchange resins).


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  • Removal and destruction of PFAS is a fast-evolving issue in water treatment. It presents multiple complex treatment challenges because PFAS are always different from one site to the other, owing to the sheer diversity in chemical nature and origin of PFAS compound contamination. Given our extensive experience with multiple co-contamination water treatment, including dissolved solids, metals, oil and grease, hydrocarbons, and DNAPLs and other chlorinated solvents for many decades, our PFAS projects for over 20 years, and our track record with the federal and provincial government in Canada of delivering first-in-class, turn-key, robust environmental site remediation projects, Martin Bureau, VP Innovation, shares our key findings.

  • This webinar explores how to select the optimal PFAS removal technology

  • The liner we install creates a lead-proof barrier into existing pipes – ensuring high quality drinking water for residents. Our solution, recognized internationally by the most respected independent certification organizations for health and safety, has become of particular interest to busy urban centers looking to reduce disruption to traffic and to older established communities where it is important to conserve heritage properties and natural landscapes like protected trees and buildings.

  • Cornell University confirms SANEXEN Technology’s Earthquake Resiliency. Delivering Resiliency Webinar (1pm EST / 10am WEST) followed by a Q&A


  • Adopting a cost-effective strategy for mitigating PFAS in highly contaminated environments, which can be as much as a million times more polluted than other water sources, tends to be overwhelming. The best way to combat the extreme PFAS at these locations as economically as possible is to develop a custom approach that takes every factor into account and isn’t beholden to any specific technology.

  • As reported in the Globe and Mail, SANEXEN, ALTRA Proven Solutions' environmental brand in Canada, was recently awarded the prestigious Canada Clean50 award thanks to its work improving sustainability and resilience with trenchless water main renewal.

  • Did you know that WATER ranks as one of North America’s top three ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) concerns, according to the 2019 RBC Global Asset Management Responsible Investment Survey?  This is not surprising, but it is very significant because it underlines how water assets today are at risk and that current management practices today simply are not sustainable. The existing infrastructure that is supposed to keep water available, safe and drinkable is quietly, sometimes loudly, crumbling in cities and communities around the globe. It is imperative that we start reassessing the way we think about resilience in water management and change our ways. With the pandemic and the rise of ESG as part of decision-making, now is the time to capitalize on innovation, to maximize the return on infrastructure renewal programs and at the same time accelerate our economic recovery.

  • ALTRA Proven Solutions experts believe that there are two key areas where they can have a positive impact in helping to eliminate PFAS from our environment: Advocacy and Innovation through ALTRA PFAS solutions.

  • At ALTRA Proven Solutions, we pride ourselves on our innovative mindset and approach to addressing water infrastructure issues faced by a growing number of municipalities across North America.

  • ALTRA10 structural liner adds years of service life to water distribution systems by increasing pressure and flow capacity, adding corrosion resistance, and regaining structural capacity. Read the FAQs to learn more.