360water, Inc. has more than 22 years of experience working with public utilities and public entities across the country. Our focus is on developing high quality, customized training that is client and facility specific. We have expertise in creating training covering a wide array of subject matter, for facilities of all sizes. We have created more than 4,000 online and video courses, and we are experts in turning technical subject matter into thoughtful, compelling, and meaningful training. Our state-of-the-art online learning platform provides a self-paced and self-directed learning environment. The courseware includes written learning objectives, keywords and definitions, intermittent quiz questions, and a final test. The courses require 100% proficiency on the exam before the student receives a Certificate of Completion. If a student submits an incorrect response, they are redirected to the portion of the course containing the correct information, where they can re-read the material and reanswer. The foundation of adult education is immediate feedback and self-paced learning; both features are built into the courseware. Our learning platform offers a robust administrative tool to create and delete user accounts, assign courses, track user progress, run reports, send broadcast emails, and make updates to the training website. The ability to verify and document staff learning is an important management tool for tracking your staff’s knowledge base. We are experienced in creating video based training content. Under the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities Asset Management Program, we created a 30-minute high-definition documentary explaining asset management and how it is used by Columbus DPU. Additionally, we created two video courses to train users on the WAM software used by DPU. The training used video screencasts to demonstrate how to use the software. We also created video content for The Ohio State University, College of Education – Center on Education and Training for Employment. This video training showcased subject matter experts and offered dynamic online training courses.


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