Article | March 26, 2013

Zero Liquid Waste: A Desalination Solution For Chloride, Sulfate Limits

Source: Veolia Water Technologies
Zero Liquid Waste

Mining operations and other energy producers face a multitude of clean-water regulations that can seriously impact their businesses. Strict standards governing discharge into waterways can increase costs and inhibit production. Veolia Water Technologies is addressing these issues through advanced treatment processes that allow companies to generate clean water for reuse or environmental discharge with no substantial liquid waste.

Called the Zero Liquid Waste (ZLW) approach, the industrial water desalination technology benefits the mining industry, which must contend with stringent new regulatory requirements that limit the discharge of chlorides and sulfates into streams, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Such discharges are a byproduct of the mining process, and mitigating their effect on the environment is crucial to the mining company’s ability to produce cost-efficient energy.

“The Zero Liquid Waste approach is a big step forward for industries seeking to meet challenging new environmental regulations in a cost-effective manner,” said Robert Zick, Mining Market Director of Veolia Water Technologies North America. “Mining and energy companies are turning to us for innovative solutions to their water quality needs.”