News | June 1, 2016

Z-92 Media Regeneration Process Eliminates Disposal Of Treatment Residuals


WRT has recently completed the final step in their goal to eliminate the disposal of treatment residuals and the associated long term liability from their Z-92® Uranium Removal treatment process. This has been a long term sustainability objective which WRT began several years ago.

The WRT Z-92® Uranium Removal process utilizes a propriety treatment media to remove uranium from water. The process utilizes no chemicals and does not require regeneration or backwashing. Eventually, the treatment media becomes exhausted and must be replaced. Initially, the exhausted media was disposed of in a licensed and permitted facility for low level radioactive waste.

Today, the uranium is stripped from the media, and the media is reprocessed to once again comply with NSF, Std. 61 certification for use in drinking water. The uranium goes into the fuel cycle and the treatment media is now ready to be used again.

This is not only a victory for the environment, but it also eliminates any long term liability associated with the disposal of treatment residuals for the company and their clients.

Water Remediation Technology LLC, based in Arvada, Colorado, is a premier water treatment company in removing radioactive radium, uranium, and other select contaminants from water or wastewater. WRT provides cost-effective, long-term and complete solutions to safely handle and remove treatment residuals in an environmentally sound manner. For more information, visit

Source: WRT - Water Remediation Technology

WRT - Water Remediation Technology