Datasheet | January 24, 2012

YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT Spec Sheet

Source: YSI, a Xylem brand

Continuous Water Quality Monitoring for Process Control
Powerful yet simple, the YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT is a modular water quality system for complete process control designed for wastewater. The 2020 XT network can accept additional sensors easily at any time and grow as your facility grows. Benefits include better network visibility and management, early detection of network failures, improved compliance with regulatory targets, and cost savings (energy, pump/blower maintenance, labor).

  • 3-year instrument warranty
  • User-replaceable cables and sensors. Many sensors provide ultrasonic cleaning
  • Centralized power supply along entire network; 2-wire cable provides power and communications
  • Lightning protection along network
  • 2020 XT provides tactile buttons; easily use with gloves on
  • Modular expansion from 1 to 20 sensors; ability to extend network with up to 3 additional modules
  • Up to 48 output channels per instrument
  • LED status light
  • Programmable access permission
  • System redundancy if two terminals are used
  • Use in location or move from point to point