News | June 24, 2014

YKK Fastening Products Group Selects Filtra Systems STiR Filter To Replace Two Failing Sand Filters And Discover A 90% Improvement In Heavy Metal Filtration


This Single Filtra Systems STiR unit replaced two sand filters achieving 90% removal at 5 micron and extremely low backwash volume reducing costs to treat by 10%.

Farmington Hills, MI (PRWEB) - Filtra Systems, a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered industrial filtration & separation products, systems and technology worldwide, announced they have installed a STiR filter in YKK Fastening Products Group’s complex metal finishing operation to quickly and more easily remove heavy metals from the process water before discharging.

YKK Fastening Products Group is a metal finishing company which manufactures buttons, burrs, rivets and snaps at their plant in the South East US. They operate a complex metal finishing operation, and need to remove heavy metals from the process water before it can be discharged.

YKK had two (2) sand filters which had 1) low removal efficiency, 2) high Maintenance cycles as the sand was replaced each year, 3) high waste generation, which was reprocessed and 4) potential OSHA dusting hazard classifies the sand as a dusting as plant personnel had significant exposure to silica sand during media change outs.    

A STiR filter was evaluated tested for a 2 month period to determine how it would perform in the application. A single STiR filter was selected to replace both sand filters as it 1) provided 90% removal at 5 micron (a 90% improvement) 2) offers permanent walnut shell media which does not require replacement, 3) extremely low backwash volume (1.5% of through put) which reduced cost to treat by 10% 4) removed the potential silicosis hazard from the plant as the walnut shells are permanent, require no replacement, and inert.

“One of the biggest manufacturing challenges is the reuse or discharging of waste water. YKK needed a more effective and efficient way to remove heavy metals from its waste water. We are excited to have our new STiR filter unit selected to replace two obsolete sand filters at YKK Fastening Products Group facility” states Scott Bratten, Filtra Systems’ president. “We look at this as a continued validation of the usefulness of our new STiR filter technology.”

About YKK Fastening Products Group 
The Fastening Products Group does exactly what the name implies. It produces and markets fasteners. This business is where YKK started, and have produced and marketed fastening products for more than 75 years. Now the world’s textile and sewing products industries are seeing even greater diversification in consumer needs and shorter product cycles. YKK® brand fastening products are used around the world, and continue to meet the challenge of further increasing the value of their brand.

YKK Fastening Products Group is a part of The YKK Group and currently does business in 71 countries/regions worldwide. They are the world's largest zipper/zip manufacturer, The YKK Fastening Products Group provides fastening solutions for thousands of applications and specialized requirements. zippers, metal buttons and snaps, webbings, hook and loop, and plastic buckles; however, it also manufactures other fastening products, architectural products and industrial machinery.

About Filtra Systems 
Based in Farmington Hill, Michigan, Filtra Systems provides custom-engineered industrial filtration & separation products, systems and technology worldwide. At Filtra-Systems Company we strive to be a technology leader in every industry we serve. This goal is achieved through a strong commitment to R&D, which has resulted in more than thirty-five patent awards, diverse product line, which in turn has supported the continued growth of our company.

Our 34 years of experience working in a variety of industries, allows us to provide our clients with the most informed technical solution to improve their operation and plant efficiency. We work in partnership with our clients from the initial testing and engineering phases, all the way through installation, commissioning, service, and continuous process improvement. We treat every project on an individual basis and work with our customers to provide the best solution for each application.

Filtra-Systems is an ISO9001 registered company.

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