News | January 16, 2014

Xylem's YSI Product Selected For Breakthrough Product Of The Year Award

Source: YSI, a Xylem brand

Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, announced recently that its YSI brand P 700 IQ Orthophosphate Analyzerhas been selected by Processing magazine as a Breakthrough Product of the Year for 2013. The P 700 is used in wastewater treatment plants as a stand-alone analyzer or in conjunction with other sensors in the YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT continuous monitoring and control system.

“Our primary goal at Xylem is to develop cutting edge, innovative products that address industry challenges and solve our customers’ waterproblems,”says Chris McIntire, Senior Vice President and President of Xylem’s Analytics and Treatment businesses.“To be recognized by an industry-leading publication when measured against so many great products from our peers makes this honor even more meaningful.”

The P 700 measures the amount of orthophosphate throughout the wastewater treatment process – from primary settling to the biological tanks and the effluent. The analyzer provides continuous data to help improve operational efficiency as well as verification of phosphate elimination in order to meet permit requirements.

Since phosphorus is the nutrient in short supply in most fresh waters, even a modest increase in phosphorus can, under the right conditions, set off a chain of undesirable events in a stream, including accelerated plant growth, algae blooms, low dissolved oxygen, and the death of certain fish, invertebrates, and other aquatic animals.

In addition to indoor and outdoor versions with climate control, the P 700 analyzer offers:

  • Monitoring of orthophosphate for direct control of chemical dosing for phosphorus removal, greatly reducing operational costs
  • Use of proven Vanadomolybdate (yellow) method of detection, including optional 0.45 micron filter as called out by Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
  • Low reagent consumption – exchange solutions every 4 - 8 months depending on measurement range – reducing maintenance requirements and overall costs to run the analyzer
  • Verification of permit compliance for lower phosphorus limits
  • Compact housing design that can be rail-mounted
  • Pump for samples integrated into the analyzer housing, and can be kept under climate control for continuous use in any weather conditions
  • Simple system configuration with the YSI IQ SensorNet system
  • Automatic or manual calibration (adjustable)
  • Wide-measuring range – two measuring ranges in each model allow the P 700 to be used in a wide range of locations throughout the wastewater treatment process

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About Xylem Analytics
Xylem’s analytics businesses are leading manufacturers of premium field, portable, laboratory and online analytical instruments used in water and wastewater, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life science applications. The company’s meters, sensors, analyzers and related consumables are used every day by thousands of end-users worldwide to analyze and control quality in countless industrial applications where precise measurement is required. Xylem’s analytics business has been created over the past three years with a series of acquisitions, including OI Analytical, YSI and MJK Automation, which have been added to the core businesses of WTW, SI Analytics, Aanderaa Data Instruments (AADI), Global Water Instrumentation, ebro and Bellingham & Stanley.

About Xylem
Xylem (XYL) is a leading global water technology provider, enabling customers to transport,treat, test and efficiently use water in public utility, residential and commercial building services,industrial and agricultural settings. The company does business in more than 150 countriesthrough a number of market-leading product brands, and its people bring broad applicationsexpertise with a strong focus on finding local solutions to the world’s most challenging water andwastewater problems. Xylem is headquartered in Rye Brook, N.Y., with 2012 revenues of $3.8B and approximately 12,900 employees worldwide.In 2012, Xylem was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for advancing sustainable business practices and solutions worldwide.

The name Xylem is derived from classical Greek and is the tissue that transports water inplants, highlighting the engineering efficiency of our water-centric business by linking it with thebest water transportation of all -- that which occurs in nature. For more information, visit

SOURCE: YSI, a Xylem brand