Datasheet | May 8, 2018

X3725 Series X-Ray Inspection System Datasheet

The X3735 x-ray system is a high detection sensitivity solution, with an integrated conveyor designed to inspect tall, rigid packaged products in a wide range of applications. Inspection capabilities include contaminant detection whilst simultaneously examining each product for quality assurance and integrity checks at high throughput rates. A range of technology features help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with safety regulations and retailer standards by ensuring due diligence.

The probability of detecting contaminants, including metal and glass, is increased by the X3735’s horizontal split beam system. Each tall, rigid package, such as glass, metal and ceramic containers, is imaged from two angles to minimize blind spots. These are where contaminants appear ‘hidden’ to the x-ray beam due to the nature of the foreign body, application, production process and/or packaging