News | July 30, 2014

World Water Works To Unveil Exciting New Bulking Sludge Management Technology At WEFTEC 2014

Visit World Water Works booth to learn more about this and other innovative wastewater systems

World Water Works, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, will unveil revolutionary new sludge bulking management technology at WEFTEC 2014. The event, held Sept. 27th – Oct. 1st at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, will showcase innovative water quality technologies for professionals from around the world.  Company representatives will be on hand in booth #4640 to discuss this latest innovation and other industry leading technologies.

At the conference, WWW will release a new technology that solves the industry-wide issue of floating or bulking sludge in conventional activated sludge (CAS) wastewater treatment systems. “Coupling the widespread application with the technology’s robustness, quick implementation and rapid ROI makes it a very exciting additional to our product line,” states Mark Fosshage, President of World Water Works.  More information will be available on the product at its release at the event. WWW will also highlight three of its proven reliable, high-performance, high-efficiency wastewater treatment solutions at the conference: the DEMON®, IDEAL MBBR™, and IDEAL DAF™ systems.

DEMON® is an innovative approach to nitrogen removal that has proven efficient, reliable, and extremely cost effective. It offers numerous benefits over traditional nitrification-denitrification systems, including: a 90% reduction in sludge handling volume, a 100% reduction in chemical demand, and a 60% lower energy requirement. The DEMON® system runs a two-step, single stage process that leverages two types of bacteria in order to first oxidize the ammonia in wastewater to nitrite and then convert a combination of this nitrite and remaining ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas.

World Water Works’ IDEAL MBBR™ (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) systems also leverage biological processes to remove impurities from wastewater. The IDEAL MBBR™ tank contains free-floating plastic media on which a thin “biofilm” of treatment bacteria grows. This set-up maximizes the surface area for treatment to offer unsurpassed performance.

The IDEAL DAF™ (Dissolved Air Flotation) systems are built with heavy duty, corrosion free materials that allow tremendous treatment flexibility.  The IDEAL DAF™ has many proprietary and patent pending features that have made it the leading DAF in the marketplace.  It features the IDEAL DAG™ (Dissolved Air Generator) technology which produces 5-12 micron “microbubbles” allowing the removal of even the smallest wastewater pollutants while consuming notably less energy than other microbubble generating technologies. Facilities upgraded with IDEAL DAG™ typically report reductions in energy costs of more than 50%.

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World Water Works is a leading manufacturer of specialized process and wastewater treatment technologies. With a focus on cost effective performance, flexibility, and durability, the company works alongside clients to create the most appropriate treatment solutions. Since its founding in 1998, the company’s technology has cleaned more than 13 trillion gallons of water, facilitated the reuse of more than 2 trillion gallons and recovered millions of pounds of resources. For more information, visit

Source: World Water Works, Inc.