Guest Column | March 20, 2023

World Water Day 2023: Accelerating Change

By Sheila Kee


“The world's most precious resource, water, is becoming increasingly scarce. Alongside the climate crisis, things like increased energy requirements, food production, and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, have caused major disruptions to the water supply worldwide. Every year, World Water Day gives us the opportunity to revisit the ways in which each individual can impact and fight water scarcity.  

The theme for World Water Day this year is accelerating change. At this point, the UN’s goal of providing water and sanitation for all by 2030 seems out of reach. It is up to everyone, including individuals and organizations alike, to commit to water conservation efforts to meet the demand in a sustainable way. No act is too small; every single drop of water counts as the rate of increasing demand is unsustainable for our water supply. 

On an individual level, consumers can begin this water conservation journey by reviewing their utility bills to see how much water is in use versus how much is wasted. Alongside the more obvious ways to save water, like turning off sinks and showers when not in use, choosing energy-efficient household appliances, optimizing outdoor water use, and checking for and repairing any leaks, can have a profound influence.  

For utilities, embracing technology such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and advanced data analytics can boost non-revenue water reduction and conservation efforts. With real-time data, it is possible to see up-to-date water usage at any point in time — showing leaks or improper water use that can be remedied. In addition, having a unified water platform can provide insights into the health of the water distribution system and support decision making to optimize resources and budget. 

World Water Day provides the opportunity to raise awareness for the current water crisis, and everyone should be proactive in the efforts to reduce water scarcity; every single drop counts.” 

Sheila Kee is Senior Product Manager, Water Operations Management at Itron.