Wireless Tech Improves Operational Efficiency, Safety At The Plant

Source: Eaton
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New technology at a plant often means more wires. But adding more wires to existing infrastructure isn’t always feasible, says Patrick Ho, director of systems solutions for the water sector of Eaton Corporation in a recent interview with Water Online Radio.

“In some cases, the location is so remote that laying a piece of copper wire or fiber optics is going to be costly and you need other permits with all the construction,” says Ho in the interview.

The solution? Wireless.

“Wireless gives you a very viable option economically and you can be up and running in no time,” says Ho.

Wireless technology can also improve operational efficiency, productivity, and enhance safety at the plant.

Ho shares the example of how wireless can help manage something like sensors on a tank.

“Right now someone has to drive out there every day to take a reading,” he says. “It takes time, you have to hire someone, and in some cases, it could get dangerous too. So with the kind of wireless control systems that we’re putting in, it improves the efficiency by having all the information at their fingertips, and it’s safe because we don’t have to go out there.”

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