Whittier® High-Rate Downflow Filters

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Whittier High-Rate Downflow Filters

Veolia Water Technologies offers a complete line of high-rate downflow filters. We combine innovation with industry expertise to provide economical and effective solutions for a variety of product filtration and water treatment applications. When a high-performance filtration system is needed, Veolia has the design experience to select the proper parameters and operating guidelines to achieve the desired results.

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HRD filters offer high-performance filtration in difficult process applications. The flux rate is typically 5 – 20 gpm/ft2. The HRD filter has a proven distribution design to enable excellent hydraulic coverage during high-rate operation. The media bed is similar to that of a conventional filter, except that the high velocity can drive the solids deeper into the media bed, enabling HRD filters to handle higher solids loadings and extended run cycles.

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