What Has Your SCADA System Done For You Lately?

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Back in the early 1990s, SCADA systems could log data every couple of minutes or so. Today, hundreds of thousands of records are being created every minute. As Patrick Cooke, Director of Marketing for Trihedral explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the question is no longer how much data can we log? The question has become how do we make all this data we’ve logged actionable?

As Cooke explains, the predictive value of today’s SCADA systems is mind-blowing. The data allows you to improve your ongoing maintenance cycles on pumps, or predict pipeline failure or the impact of border changes on your water supply. And of course, a modern SCADA system is critical to understanding how you can save energy.

As water reuse expands, data from your SCADA system helps to protect and alleviate public concerns about the water quality of treated wastewater being used to irrigate a local golf course or farmland.

To learn more about modern SCADA systems including the benefits of application version control, data historian capabilities and mobile access to data, click on the radio player below:

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