News | December 5, 2018

Westfall Manufacturing Expands Its Static Mixer Product Line With New Concept Counter-Swirl Model 6000


New Counter-Swirl Static Mixer 6000 fits in tight spaces, improves mixing rates and reduces headloss at 3 pipe diameters downstream.

‚ÄčIn collaboration with Alden Laboratories of Holden, MA, Westfall Manufacturing engineers have recently developed a new concept counter-swirl, low headloss, Static Mixer. The addition to Westfall’s product line gives engineers a fresh option in their search for affordable high-performance static mixers.

Typical fields of application for Counter-Swirl Static Mixer 6000 include Desalination Plants, Water and Wastewater utilities, Oil and Gas providers, Food and Beverage processors, and Pulp and Paper Manufacturers.

With an industry-leading CoV of 0.025 at 3 pipe diameters and a low headloss K-value of 1.26, Counter-Swirl Static Mixer 6000 is effective in large pipe sizes up to 120 inches as well as in operations that require pipes as small as .75 inches in diameter.

Westfall’s new concept Static Mixer features up to 3 injection ports aligned on a single side, and three curved fins attached to the inside of a pipe. The key to the mixer’s effectiveness lies both in the fin shape and in the fin placement. By moving the two side fins upstream of the center fin, the additive chemicals enter a zone of counter-rotating turbulence that promotes excellent mixing.

The side fins can be placed one to three inches upstream of the center fin according to the customer’s mixing requirements.

All standard manufacturing materials and processes are available for this mixer, including 3D printing.

Designers listed on the patent application include Robert W. Glanville, Scott Olson, Kimball Hall, and James Daniel.

About Westfall Manufacturing
Westfall Manufacturing is the designer and manufacturer of a range of high-performance Wafer and Pipeline Static Mixers. The company holds 6 active patents; the patent is pending for the Counter-Swirl Model 6000. For more information, visit

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