News | May 18, 2020

WEF Recognizes And Supports Essential Water Workers

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) continues to support its members and the water sector with the development of a new product line that recognizes the fundamental role of clean water and the essential water professionals working on the front lines for public health. All proceeds from this new line will be donated to charity.

As an extension of the free online WATER’S WORTH IT®/Coronanvirus toolkit that was released last month, WEF is using the inspirational slogans, “Water Workers Are Essential” and “Clean Water is Fundamental to the Fight” to bring attention to these unsung heroes, and the services they provide, while supporting a good cause. WEF is also encouraging the general public to support and show appreciation for the water workforce.

Two t-shirts are now available on with plans for additional products in the coming weeks. Print-on-demand bulk orders with a customization option for a utility or organization logo is currently offered. Smaller, non-customizable orders with no minimums will be available soon.

“Nothing works without water and our access depends on the dedication of thousands of water professionals who show up every day, and in moments of crisis, to keep the systems running,” said WEF President Jackie Jarrell. “These men and women are dedicated front-line workers and WEF remains committed to supporting them while elevating water and wastewater services as fundamental and essential. The water sector supports us in every way and we’re hoping opportunities like this will encourage others to recognize and support them too.”

As the water sector continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, WEF continues to provide the latest information and credible resources to assist during this challenging time. Along with public outreach, WEF’s overall response has included providing the latest technical and scientific information to the water community, offering educational opportunities through digital programming, and communicating regularly about resources and assistance available to the sector. A comprehensive list of information, resources, and training opportunities is maintained at

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Source: Water Environment Federation