WEDECO LBX e Series UV System


WEDECO LBX e UV system is a compact closed vessel UV reactor for drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, and WEDEO’s MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) applications. Equipped with WEDECO’s low-pressure, high output amalgam ECORAY® UV lamps and OptiDose sensor based control, the LBXe provides the highest operating efficiency with low life-cycle costs. Additionally, the LBXe reactor’s extensive validation envelope ensures disinfection performance over a range of UV transmittance (UVT) values, flowrates, and a variety of target organisms.

  • OptiDose™ control provides continuous system monitoring using a highly selective, calibrated UV sensor
  • Equipped with OptiCone flow diverter to ensure even dose distribution
  • Low pressure high output ECORAY® UV lamp and ballast technology provides the highest efficiency, shorter warm-up time, and 50-100% turndown capabilities with 14,000 operational hours of guaranteed lamp life
  • Easy integration into existing pipe work with flexible, compact designs available in U or Z shape
  • Two new models available -  the LBXe 850 (up to 4.5 MGD) and LBXe 1500 (up to 8.5 MGD) in a “L” shape
  • Validated according to IUVA, NWRI and USEPA protocol