Brochure | September 11, 2014

WEDECO Duron® vs. Medium Pressure Lamps Brochure

Source: WEDECO -- A Xylem Brand

The WEDECO Duron is head and shoulders above the competition. Medium pressure systems come up short when it comes to energy efficiency, design, system footprint and operation and maintenance costs. The Duron offers the latest in Lo-Hi UV technology that was specifically designed with owners and operators in mind.

The innovative design of Duron significantly reduces the operator’s time required for maintaining the system.

  • With integrated automatic electric lifting, there’s no bulky lifting mechanism.
  • The Duron enables the operator to make simple, quick lamp changes which reduces lamp replacement time and increases safety.
  • Remote ballast cabinets enable faster and safer ballast replacement.
  • With electric actuated wiping, there is no need to maintain ancillary pneumatic/hydraulic systems for basic system operation.

The Duron’s Low-Hi amalgam lamps offer significant savings over the competition’s medium pressure lamps.

  • Longer lamp life (14,000 hours vs. 5,000 hours)
  • Lower wattage (600W vs. 3.2 kW per lamp)
  • Lower replacement costs