News | September 8, 2020

We At The Newterra Group Of Companies Are Proud To Present Three Of Our Groups This Year At WEFTEC

Aeration Industries International Newterra Decentralized SystemsTIGG LLC

Aeration Industries International continues its longstanding leadership in the Surface Aeration and Mixing market, both domestically and internationally. Aeration brings state of the art solutions to the Municipal, Industrial, Food & Beverage and Aquaculture markets. With prominent products such as the Aire-O2® Triton 2.0 Aerator/Mixer, the Aire-O2® Aspirator family, Argos® SBR and Microfloat DAF, Aeration Industries International is equipped to offer solid solutions to solve your challenges. Ask us about our newest product .... the Aire-O2® Halo ... an exciting new surface aerator to complement our Triton and Aspirator lines!

Newterra is a leader in designing and manufacturing Modular, Decentralized Water Treatment Solutions for developments, communities, resorts, resource companies and municipalities. Our scalable treatment systems for potable water and our MicroClear MBR domestic wastewater systems allow cost-effective expansion as capacity requirements grow, helping developers of multi-phase developments defer infrastructure spending until it's needed. Newterra's offers proven solutions for office or building reuse projects as well as industrial waste water challenges. In addition to our MBR products, Newterra offers a variety of filtration and membrane treatment products such as Ion-Exchange, Softening, Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozone Treatment, UV and disinfection to meet the requirements of any reuse project.

TIGG is a North American provider of media-based solutions for cleanup of Emerging Contaminants such as PFAS, PFOS and 1,4 Dioxane, as well as other water purifications challenges. TIGG's major markets are Municipal Potable Water, Industrial Clean water and wastewater, Groundwater Remediation as well as Air Treatment solutions. TIGG is among the very few North American manufacturers that can produce ASME coded vessels to 14 feet in diameter to meet the needs of large Municipal Water Projects while meeting NSF/ANSI 61 Certification.

The Newterra Group also brings solutions for other water challenges such as Industrial and Municipal Stormwater, Industrial Pure and Ultrapure water, groundwater remediation systems and others. To learn more about these solutions please visit us at Newterra EXPO (

Source: Newterra, Ltd.