Water Velocity Meter

The Global Water Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for monitoring flows in open channels and partially filled pipes.

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The Global Water Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for measuring flows in open channels and partially filled pipes. The water velocity probe consists of a protected water turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled with an expandable probe handle ending in a digital readout display. The water flow meter incorporates true velocity averaging for the most accurate flow measurements. The Flow Probe is ideal for storm water runoff studies, sewer flow measurements, measuring flows in rivers and streams, and monitoring velocity in ditches and canals.

Turbo-Prop Sensor
The Flow Probe incorporates the unique Turbo-Prop propeller sensor, which uses the most accurate positive displacement technique available for velocity sensing. The Turbo-Prop is designed to shed debris and is protected inside a 2" diameter housing. The probe housing may be placed directly on the bottom of a pipe or streambed for measuring low flows down to 2" in depth. The flow meter propeller rotates freely on its bearing shaft with no mechanical interconnections for minimal friction. Magnetic material in the propeller tip passes a pickup point in the water velocity meter handle producing electrical impulses that are carried to the readout display by an internal cable. The Turbo-Prop is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Digital Readout Display
The Digital Readout Display receives an electrical signal from the propeller, amplifies the signal, and converts the reading to feet per second (or meters per second, depending on programming). The readout displays instantaneous velocity and true average velocity. The readout unit is water-resistant and incorporates a unique two-button operation for changing functions and zeroing the display. An internal watch-type battery powers the unit continuously for one year and is easily replaced. Also available on the readout is maximum velocity, time-of-day, and stopwatch functions.

Probe Handle
The Flow Probe handle can telesope from 3 feet to 6 feet in length (FP101) or 5 feet to 15 feet (FP201). The handle is constructed of anodized aluminum for light weight and long life. The Flow Probe may be easily extended up to 25 feet in length using standard PVC pipe and an electrical extension cable. This allows for measuring sewer flows from street level and measuring stream flows from low bridges. A 3-foot mylar coated staff gauge (graduated in hundredths of a foot and centimeters) is attached to the lower section of the water velocity probe for instant water depth measurements and accurate propeller positioning.

True Velocity Averaging
The Flow Probe uses true velocity averaging. To start a running average, first hold the reset button for 3 seconds to zero the display. When the probe is placed in the water flow, an average will begin. As long as the water velocity sensor remains in the flow, the averaging continues. Once the average reading becomes steady, the true average velocity has been obtained. When you remove the Flow Probe from the water, the average value is frozen on the display until reset.

Click here to download the the brochure in pdf format.