News Feature | December 19, 2014

Water Utility Workers Save Man From Drowning

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome,

Two water department workers from Dallas, TX, recently became heroes when they saved a man from drowning.

Raul Alamillo Jr. and his colleague Brent English work for the Dallas Water Utilities. According to Alamillo's sister, Janette Monreal, "the men were heading to a job when they noticed the truck and its flashing brake lights in the creek," reported KVUE.

The driver of a white pickup truck lost control of his vehicle while experiencing medical complications, according to the story.

"They were trying to break the glass," Monreal said, per the report. "They were looking for tools behind the truck to open, break the window, for somebody else could help him get to the side so they could pull him out."

The two men jumped into the water to help.

"The amazing rescue was caught on video and shows [the utility workers] standing on the bed of the truck while trying to break a window and free their friend stuck inside. They eventually cut his seat belt and pulled him to safety with a rope," ABC News reported.

The driver was brought to the hospital.

"The Dallas city manager is commending Alamillo and English for going above and beyond the call of duty to save a life," the report said.

Dallas Water Utilities is "a not-for-profit department of the City of Dallas providing water and wastewater services to about 2.4 million people in Dallas and 27 nearby communities.