Water Tank Mixing Imperative For Water Quality


Lots of work has been done over the past century on improving water quality at the treatment plant. But as Flint, MI’s water crisis served to remind us, perhaps too little focus has been directed to the distribution system itself. PAX Water Technology and UGSI Solutions are looking to change that.

As Ethan Brooke, Senior Product Manager for PAX Water Technology explains in this Water Online interview, looking all the way back to the treatment plant in diagnosing water quality issues isn’t always effective. “The number one cause of MCL violations is coliform heads,” explains Brooke. “You have coliforms heads in the distribution system primarily when you have low secondary disinfectant levels. Number two cause of MCL violations -- disinfection byproducts. Both of these issues are things that arise in the distribution system, oftentimes at the very edge of the distribution system.”

Karen Losee, Director of Strategic Marketing with UGSI Solutions, points out that tackling water quality issues such as trihalomethanes in the distribution system is often far less extensive a project that at the treatment plant, saving time and expense.

To learn more about the importance of rigorous mixing of water in your tank and some of the in-system technology being introduced to the market, listen here:

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