E-Book | September 3, 2019

Water Scarcity And Reuse


Sustainable practices will be the key to long-term prosperity, and this eBook offers a framework for water systems to shape their future.

Water resources across the globe are at a tipping point.  Population growth and environmental factors are putting the squeeze on supplies, while water systems are increasingly strained with wastewater and stormwater demands. Municipalities must make a dramatic shift to meet future demands and keep costs reasonable.

San Francisco has shifted its focus from individual projects to a more holistic approach that encompasses the potential impact and synergies of water, wastewater, and power operations. New York City is working to reposition its wastewater plants as resource recovery facilities. London has rolled out a comprehensive infrastructure plan that accounts for population growth and climate change.

The details in these stories, bundled together in this free eBook, are meant to inspire and provide the framework for water managers to implement sustainable practices.