News | August 15, 2017

Water-Right Announces Release Of Ozone Air System Generator


Kit available for use with Impression and Impression Plus water treatment systems

Water-Right, a leading independent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the water treatment industry, announces the release of the Ozone Air System, an ozone generator kit used with Impression and Impression Plus Air Systems.

The Ozone Air System, which can be used with Impression Sulfur Filters (IMS/IMPS) as well as AirCat Filter Systems (IAG/IPAG/IACG/IPACG), aids in the removal of iron and sulfate, reducing bacteria that can cause slime, taste, and odor problems.

Chemical-free and environmentally safe, the product uses highly reactive ozone (O3) to attack and diminish contaminant bacteria and activates for 30 minutes during the filter’s air recharge cycle. The system’s valve will display “Service Ozone” if low amperage has occurred for three consecutive generations. The generator kit shows an LED light to indicate system operation.

The kit can be installed in new or previously installed units and features easy, plug-and-play installation. To install, the generator box must be mounted between the hose clamp and injector body of the filter, and the 2-pin connector must be routed through the backplate of the valve. For more information, visit

About Water-Right, Inc.
Water-Right has been manufacturing water treatment systems for residential and commercial applications since 1963. They support a factory-trained, nationwide network of water treatment professionals, wholesalers, and distributors, including a growing international market. Water-Right is proud to manufacture all its products in the United States. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Water-Right, Inc.