Water Quality Analysis: What's In Your Water?


Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPPCs), levels of lead and a host of viruses are all on the regulatory horizon for water quality managers, says Lynda Eisenmann with Palintest, the water and environmental analysis equipment manufacturer.

“We’ve worked with the EPA on our lead scanning analyzer,“ Eisenmann announced in an interview with Water Online Radio. “It’s an approved method of analysis and it saves our customers a lot of money on having lead-tested in their products. It’s about three tests to one for ion chromatography.”

Chlorodioxide is another contaminant Palintest is able to analyze using unconventional tracking methods. The company’s Chlorodox Plus captures data on chlorine dioxide, chlorides and chlorine throughout the process stream from the beginning of your treatment process down to the end of the line.

To learn more about viruses and hormones that can now be analyzed, click on the radio player below:

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