News | May 26, 2017

Water Planet Appoints Helguera Tecnologias del Agua As Exclusive Distributor For PolyCera Membranes In Mexico

California-based Water Planet, which markets the world’s first smart membrane products, has named Helguera Tecnologias del Agua, SA de CV, as its exclusive distributor for PolyCera® ultrafiltration membranes in Mexico.

Helguera Tecnologias del Agua will promote Water Planet’s PolyCera membrane technology for various applications in industrial wastewater processes to maximize water recovery and reuse, reducing the overall wáter footprint, while also helping Mexican industry comply with Federal legislation regarding water treatment.

Established in Mexico City in 1990, Helguera Tecnologias del Agua has 30 employees and deep experience, with more than 400 water systems sold.

“Mexico, like many countries, is focused on water reclamation for reuse, helping industries become more productive and profitable by reducing production costs, lowering wastewater disposal costs and reducing the need to tap fresh water sources. We are already working with Helguera Tecnologias on a number of projects that will leverage the technological superiority and economic benefits of PolyCera in this growing market,” said Eric Hoek, CEO of Water Planet. 

“Helguera Tecnologias del Agua brings more than 26 years of experience in designing, integrating and supplying water systems in Mexico, Central and South America, using the most advanced technologies in the market. We are very proud to add Water Planet’s revolutionary PolyCera membranes to our portfolio of water treatment technologies,” said Ing. Alberto Helguera R, CEO of Helguera Tecnologias del Agua, SA de CV.

Water Planet’s PolyCera represents a new generation of polymeric membrane materials, adapted from Nobel Prize winning chemistry into breakthrough membrane structures that exhibit unique performance properties unlike conventional polymeric and ceramic membranes. With their distinctive combination of high hydrophilicity, permeability and robustness, PolyCera membranes extend the range of ultrafiltration performance beyond conventional ceramic and polymeric membranes.

About Water Planet
Based in Los Angeles, California, Water Planet ( sells the world’s first smart membrane products, which make ultrafiltration reliable and affordable even in the most challenging applications. PolyCera®robust, easy-to-clean ultrafiltration membranes and IntelliFlux® self-adaptive ultrafiltration membrane controls mean more water and less cost.


SOURCE: Water Planet