News | May 18, 2017

Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Seeking Pre-Proposals To Fund Exceptional Water Research

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is accepting pre-proposals under its 2017 Unsolicited Research Program. Proposers are invited to submit on topics consistent with WE&RF’s mission to catalyze innovation through actionable research in water and the environment.

The Unsolicited Research Program seeks to fund innovative research projects that will significantly advance knowledge and scientific understanding and that could provide fundamentally transformative results. The breadth of this program is unique. Proposals in all relevant wastewater, recycled water, stormwater, and other sources of water which address water quality are welcome. WE&RF will consider proposals that would take existing research to the next level of completion, resulting in practical solutions to water challenges.

For many years, the Unsolicited Research program has been hugely successful, with a number of utilities participating as test sites or providing additional in-kind / in-cash contributions. The projects, as a group, represent an excellent range and depth of subject matter issues that are important, timely, and relevant to the water community.

“The Unsolicited Research Program provides an unique opportunity for WE&RF to support novel research by gifted scientists and engineers to produce radical improvements in water quality management or create new paradigms for managing our water resources” according to WE&RF Chief Research Officer, Jeff Mosher.

Selection of research proposals is a competitive process and comprises two steps. In the first step, pre-proposals are reviewed and a short list of proposers is selected to submit full proposals. In the second step, the invited full proposals are evaluated. Pre-proposals must be submitted by July 13, 2017. Visit WE&RF’s website for a list of ongoing, completed, and planned research, as this will help proposers avoid duplication. The call for pre-proposals and complete instructions are available.

About The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF)
The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization officially formed in July 2016 as the result of the merger of the Water Environment Research Foundation and the WateReuse Research Foundation. The merged research foundation, with a combined research portfolio representing over $200M, conducts research to treat and recover beneficial materials from wastewater, stormwater, and seawater including water, nutrients, energy, and biosolids.

SOURCE: The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF)