Water Controls Benefit From Close Systems Integrator - Manufacturer Relationship

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Primex Controls is a full-service, system-integration company that builds everything from small, pump control panels to full-blown SCADA systems for water plants that serve 50-60 million people. In this Water Online Radio interview, John Buesgens, Business Development Manager with Primex, and Blair Sooley, Account Manager with Trihedral, talk about the value of the vendor integrator relationship for utilities.

“We have a particular application on the East Coast where a long-time customer of ours had existing equipment and existing Trihedral software,” said Buesgens. ”We updated them to the latest version but we've also developed a special way for them to utilize and leverage their existing product without having to go back and do a whole redesign. That benefits everybody in that community. Instead of spending several hundred thousand dollars, they were able to do it for quite a bit less than that.”

“What we have found with companies such as Primex is that they believe in our product and are willing to tell us what they need in order to make them successful," said Sooley. "So when we develop these things – these processes within our product and these capabilities, what we are really doing is getting feedback from these companies. These are put into priority. We determine what makes sense for us to put directly into the product, roll out with the product, and what makes sense for us to develop as a specific set of functionality for them.”

For more on SCADA and the benefits of systems integration, click on the audio player below:

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