News | July 17, 2019

Wastewater Desalination Company Atlantis Technologies Announces Partnership With Brazilian Water Tank Giant Fortlev

atlantis - fortlev partners

Firm gains exclusive rights to distribute RDI desalination systems in South America

Atlantis Technologies is proud to announce a distribution and manufacturing partnership with Brazilian water tank and system manufacturer Fortlev. Headquartered in Vitoria, Brazil, Fortlev is South America’s largest tank builder, with eight large factories across Brazil and more than 100,000 customers. Fortlev (Portuguese for strong-light) also produces PVC piping, fittings, valves, filters, custom bolt-together tanks and engineering. Fortlev will have exclusive rights to distribute Atlantis Technologies’ RDI desalination systems in South America for all applications except process cooling. Included in the agreement are licensing rights to build systems RDI systems in Brazil.

“Partnering with Atlantis Technologies to distribute and manufacture their groundbreaking RDI desalination systems is the next logical step in our mission to further grow our water business,” said Antonio Torres, Fortlev CEO. “I’m also excited to use the RDI desalination systems to bring clean drinking water to 25 million inhabitants in Northeast Brazil through Instituto Agua Viva (IAV).”

Instituto Agua Viva, a Fortlev-funded NGO, is a non-profit institution that works to bring education, income generation, sports, and health projects to various communities in northeastern region of Brazil.

“Fortlev has the manufacturing, distribution, and technical capabilities to dominate the South American market,” said Patrick Curran, CEO of Atlantis Technologies. “Adding desalination capability will allow them to bid on many government and industrial projects they otherwise could not. We are also very proud to support IAV to desalinate brackish groundwater in NE Brazil.”

Atlantis Technologies’ previous South American partner, Max Green, will now provide technical and sales support to Fortlev.

About Fortlev
Established in 1989, Fortlev is the largest producer of water storage solutions in Brazil and currently the leader in its segment in Brazilian market. Acting throughout Brazil and even in other countries, it has pioneered the use of raw materials such as polyethylene in the manufacture and development of exclusive products. For more information, visit

About Instituto Agua Viva (IAV)
IAV is a non-profit institution, born in 2015 from a dream to work in the northeastern region of Brazil. IAV brings together education, income generation, sports and health projects in various communities, working to impact geography in a way that will transcend the northeast. For more information, visit

About Atlantis Technologies
Atlantis Technologies addresses the global problem of desalinating industrial water. Winner of multiple innovation awards, their patented RDI technology in conjunction with a supply and license agreement from Voltea, Inc. offers lower cost of ownership than state-of-the-art desalination technologies and clean water recovery of up to 95%. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Atlantis Technologies