News | February 3, 2010

WABAG Receives An Order For The Great Man Made River Project In Libya

WABAG is to deliver a treatment plant to Ghadames in Libya for what is the world's largest drinking water pipeline project. The entire Great Man Made River Project (GMMRP) consists of a roughly 3,500 km-long network of over man-sized pipes, which are to conduct deep-lying fossil groundwater from the well fields of the Sahara Desert to Libya's coastal regions. The WABAG plant will provide the optimum processing of the water for the long transport and thus also prevent pipe corrosion. The order has a value of EUR 2.5 million.

These fresh water reserves are several thousand years old and contain large quantities of hydrogen sulphide, iron and manganese. WABAG is to supply the Ghadames well field with a treatment plant that is matched to the special parameters of this raw water. The objective is to prevent damage to the pipelines and control systems, while simultaneously securing the quality standards for drinking water. The plant has been designed for the processing of 250,000 m3 of water per day. The pre-cleaned water will be conducted to Nalut and Zuara, when further treatment will follow prior to feeding into the drinking water network.

Individual water treatment plant for pipeline protection
The main components of the plant include pre-chlorination, cascade aeration and disinfection. This reduces the iron, manganese, ammonia, sulphide and microbiological content to an optimum level and enriches the water with oxygen. WABAG is responsible for the design, engineering, delivery, installation and start-up of the plant's electrical and electromechanical systems. Al Nahr Co. Ltd., which is the customer, will carry out the construction work. Work commenced on the plant in January 2010 and commissioning will be completed in March 2011.

Ghadames is part of the 4th phase of this mammoth project
The new plant, which bears the name Ghadames, Zwara-Az Zawiyha Water System, is part of the ongoing realisation of Phase IV of the GMMR project. The "Management and Implementation Authority of the Great-Man-Made-River Project" (GMRA) is the end customer for the entire investment. The direct WABAG customer is the Libyan construction company, Al Nahr Co. Ltd., which is under the majority ownership of GMRA and has some 7,000 employees. Braun & Root N.A. has been supervising the project since its inception as a consultant for process technology and engineering.

The Great Man Made River Project
This project commenced in 1984 and has created the world's largest construction site. Large volumes of freshwater, which were formed during the last Ice Age as a result of melting glaciers, are stored in huge underground lakes and are to be utilised for supplies to the population and the expansion of agriculture on the coast. The project involves a more than 3,400 km-long pipeline with a diameter of 4 m and more. Up to six million cubic metres of water are to be transported by the "Man Made River" daily and it is estimated that the reserves are sufficient to supply the Libyan population for the next fifty years.

Success in international competition
Within the scope of a tendering process, WABAG beat off the international competition through the most efficient solution. In addition, the tailor-made process concept and the use of proven process technology were also of decisive importance to the capture of this contract.

With this order, WABAG has been able to further consolidate its position in the Libyan market position and obtain an excellent reference in the municipal sector in the form of an extremely special project. WABAG has been active in Libya since the 1980s and has already completed more than ten water and wastewater treatment plant projects. Since 2002 the company has had its own branch office in Tripoli.

Around the world, the WABAG name stands for innovative and successful solutions in the water engineering sector. As an internationally respected expert group, we act as a systems specialist and full service provider with a focus on the planning, installation and operation of drinking and wastewater plants for local government and industry in the growth markets of Asia, North Africa, Middle East, the central and south-eastern Europe states.

About The WABAG Group
The WABAG Group represents a leading multinational player with more than 1,500 employees that is represented by companies and offices in 19 countries and disposes over unique technological know-how, based on innovative, patented technologies and long-term experience.

Since 1995, WABAG has completed over 900 water and wastewater plants worldwide. Through the conservation and ecological use of the world's most valuable resource, WABAG has made a sustained contribution to an improvement in the quality of life of well over a hundred million people. WABAG is thus one of the world's leading partners for investments in a future that is worth living.