Vylon Pipe

Vylon Pipe
Vylon pipe is equipped with many outstanding features that assure long-term system performance
Features and Benefits

Vylon pipe is equipped with many outstanding features that assure long-term system performance and low maintenance costs.

1. Structural Strength

Vylon pipe is a "profile" wall pipe using an I-beam construction. The I-beam provides Vylon with a high moment of inertia and a more economical use of plastic than solid wall products.

Vylon pipe utilizes a PVC compound with a cell class of 12364 as defined by ASTM D-1784. This compound uses a functional additive, calcium carbonate, to increase the modulus of elasticity while reducing material costs. The 12364 compound has been successful in sewer applications for over 25 years. The I-beam design coupled with produces a pipe with a 46 psi stiffness. This stiffness is the same for all Vylon diameters and is the same stiffness as SDR35, ASTM D-3034. This 46 psi stiffness ensures ease of installation and long-term strength with flexibility and safety.

The long-term deflection of Vylon pipe can be predicted by the use of Spangler's Iowa Formula. Lamson Vylon Pipe can also assist in structural design and backfill details with the aid of finite element analysis for a particular project.

2. High Flow Capacity / Hydraulics

Vylon pipe's closed profile smooth internal surface minimizes fluid friction and flow resistance for superior hydraulics. It's Manning lab flow coefficient of 0.009 assures a high capacity flow, exceeding that of other corrosion resistant pipes. The low friction factor may allow for the use of smaller diameter pipe, for a given flow, when compared to other materials. Also, Vylon pipe's 13 foot laying lengths reduce the number of joints and the potential for flow disturbances.

3. Easy Installation

Vylon pipe should be installed per ASTM D-2321 as well as Lamson Vylon Pipe's Installation Guide. Vylon pipe is designed to be subjected to loads during installation and backfilling while minimizing deflection. Fabricated fittings are readily available.

Vylon pipe is preferred by today's utility contractors. The weight, strength and smooth wall characteristics of Vylon Vylon pipe provides many cost saving benefits during installation when compared to traditional pipes:

4. Testing After Installation

Lamson Vylon Pipe recommends infiltration or low, pressure air testing of Vylon pipe and the use 5% mandrel to, check initial (30 day) deflection and a 7.5% mandrel to check long-term deflection. The base ID mandrel should have a minimum of nine legs.

Vylon pipe's unique four-finned gasket assures leak free joints. We recommend the use of UniBell B-6 or ASTM F-1417 as a guide for low pressure air testing. If infiltration/exfiltration testing is used, Vylon pipe - including proper manhole connections - can easily meet 25 or less gallons / inch diameter / mile / day. The Vylon pipe gasketed joining system provides a leakproof, zero infiltration system.

5. Low Maintenance Costs / Corrosion Resistance / Long Life

Produced of PVC, Vylon pipe resists corrosion, sediment build-up and septic sewer conditions. PVC is easy to install and, because it typically lasts longer than other types of piping, Vylon pipe can result in significant cost savings over the life of a piping system.

Vylon pipe's gasketed joint system ensures zero infiltration of ground water leakage. It's outside diameter can be used with manholes and manhole gaskets to reduce costly infiltration treatment (from the typically accepted level of 200 gallons per inch diameter per mile of pipe per day to 25 gallons and much less). With sewage treatment costs of $2.00 capacity capital costs of $6.00 per gallon, the cost savings and value of Vylon pipe really adds up fast...and continues to provide that same value year after year.

All of these characteristics contribute to greatly reducing installation costs and the need for future maintenance. World wide, 30 years of success documents Lamson Vylon Pipe's service tested and time proven record.

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