VTScada Thin Clients

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Optional Component – Fully featured mobile access that you can configure in seconds with display options that suit any screen size and data plan. VTScada has always been a leader in remote connectivity. VTScada Thin Clients allow authorized users to safely monitor and control their process from anywhere.

Thin Clients are optional components licensed by the number concurrent users. In seconds, configure any VTScada full instalation to be a Thin Client server. Add more servers to provide seamless client failover.

VTScada sends updates only when process values change providing high performance even on slow networks. Configuration changes or version upgrades automatically synchronize with each client connection.

VTScada Anywhere Client
Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PCs, and Macs
The new ‘Anywhere Client’ provides a consistent and secure full workstation experience on modern computers, phones, and tablets.

  • Monitor and control your applications in any HTML5 browser.
  • ‘Push’ technology provides real-time data without overloading your data plan.
  • Zero-footprint means nothing to download and install. No Java either.

VTScada Internet Client (VIC)
Windows PCs, Laptops, and Panel PCs
An operational interface identical to a full-installation VTScada license. This includes monitoring and control, security configuration, reports, trends, and alarm acknowledgment. Initiate connections from a desktop icon or a web link. Uses include:

  • Secure Remote Portal - Access your system from any online Windows computer.
  • Flexible Workstation - A hassle-free alternative to full-installations.

Mobile Internet Client (MIC)
Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PCs, and Macs
Use any HTML5-compliant browser to navigate sites and manage your process with a touch or pinch. Refresh data manually or set a refresh rate that suits your cellular data plan. Easily switch between these display formats:

  • Text-based Interface - This tactile easy-to-read text-and-trend interface makes the best use of even the smallest screens and data plans.
  • Full Graphics - See full-resolution views of displays on demand. Pinch to zoom into areas of interest. Tap to set values, view tool tips, or plot trends.

Instantly Intuitive Thin Client Access

Military-grade Encryption - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support protects security data exchanged between clients and servers. The VIC also supports industry-standard Internet security features including firewalls, VPN connections, and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Security - Manage remote access via application user account privileges. Runtime security changes are immediate and system-wide.

Configure In Seconds - Due to its integration with VTScada, optional Thin Client access can be unlocked with an updated software key and configured in seconds. VTScada automatically translates all displays, exactly as they appear on a full-installation client. No need to purchase and support third-party server products like Apache® or Microsoft IIS®.

Simple Licensing - VTScada Thin Clients are licensed by the number of concurrent users according to the tag count of the application. Thin Clients can be added to any existing VTScada licenses by updating the key. Choose single clients, value packs, or unlimited licenses.

Uninterrupted Access - Like all VTScada services, automatic Thin Client failover is an important part of system reliability. If the primary Thin Client Server becomes unavailable, VICs and Anywhere Clients will seamlessly switch to the next designated backup. Note: MIC sessions need to be manually redirected.

Efficient Server Load Sharing - In applications with multiple Internet servers, new Thin Client connections can be configured to automatically go to the server with the fewest connections.

Monitor All Client Use - The VTScada Internet Client Monitor tool allows you to monitor active Thin Clients. It permits logging of Client activity, messaging to one (or all) user(s) and forcible disconnection for maintenance and security reasons.