VTScada Connectivity Package

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Standard VTScada Component - Share your SCADA information across your whole orginization using integrated ODBC, OPC, and Web Services.

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In VTScada 11, these once-optional integrated components became a standard part of every Development Runtime License.

VTScada ODBC Server
Use industry standard reporting software like Crystal Reports®, XL Reporter®, Microsoft Access®, or Microsoft Excel® to extract system information directly from VTScada applications. Through this interface, you can treat a VTScada application as if it were a database, with each logged tag within it representing a table of timestamps and values. Once the connection is configured, your reporting software can send SQL queries to VTScada to retrieve the logged tag values. Best of all, you do not need to have VTScada installed on your computer to access the real-time system data you need.

VTScada OPC Server
An extensive library of third-party device drivers allows VTScada to communicate with monitoring and control hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers. However, if no custom driver is available, OPC can be an effective solution. This common high-performance communication protocol enables the transfer of process data between devices of different manufacturers. The VTScada OPC Server allows OPC-compliant programs (including other VTScada applications with configured OPC clients) to exchange live process data with VTScada applications with minimal configuration.

VTScada OPC Client
The OPC Client allows standard VTScada applications to exchange live process data with OPC-compliant servers (including VTScada OPC servers). VTScada Web Services
Configure VTScada to allow third-party business applications to do more than simply retrieve data from the VTScada historical database. Enterprise-level business solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, can also use VTScada services that you have made available from your VTScada application. This may be as simple as developing remote reporting applications or as complex as delivery scheduling systems that rely on calculations in VTScada to predict when material deliveries will be required.

Business applications make requests to VTScada over a network via a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface. VTScada interprets these requests, performs the requested actions and responds in the requested format. Adding Web Services to your VTScada application requires an understanding of XML, SOAP, and VTScada programming techniques.

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