News | April 13, 2018

Vitens Ensures High Water Quality With Danish Technology


One of the world's most recognized utilities Vitens in Holland has just chosen to introduce Mycometer’s technology as a standard method for monitoring water quality. In near real time the utility can now detect and track general bacterial levels in the entire production chain to provide consumers with the highest quality water.

25,000 analyzes over a period of 2.5 years have convinced Vitens to implement Mycometer's technology Bactiquant as a standard method in their monitoring program for measuring the bacterial levels in the water. Vitens is known as a frontrunner in new technologies and is one of the utilities that the rest of the world is looking to when it comes to new water technology.

"Vitens has set the barren high and has a professional organization that follows the water very closely from raw water to consumer to ensure the highest quality. Therefore, they are constantly testing the latest technologies to continuously monitor water quality, so consumers can trust that water is of the highest quality when opening the tap," says Morten Miller, co-founder of Mycometer.

Increases water safety
The Dutch utility supplies water to 5.6 million people, which corresponds to 350 million cubic meters of water per year. Mycometer’s Bactiquant technology has been selected among a number of new technologies in Viten's ongoing testing process.

“Bactiquant helps us to continuously monitor water biostability in the water chain from our raw water sources to end-use. Because the test takes a maximum of 30 minutes, we can quickly assess, whether the water quality in our water treatment plants and in our distribution system is bacteriological stable, or if we need to take action,” says Bendert de Graaf, Team Manager Business Office Laboratory at Vitens.

“It also helped us several times to localize hotspots that resulted in changes in the water quality. We have found the technology to be robust and reliable. It works fast and helps us understand our processes and increase water safety,” he continues.

Facts: Mycometer A/S

  • Mycometer is a technology leader in using a technological platform where a highly sensitive fluorescence technology is used to measure the bacterial level in water samples.
  • The technology Bactiquant is a microbiological method that has been made useful to the market so that the staff can easily and quickly measure and analyze water samples.

Source: Vitens