Vertical Screen Screw Compactor

Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies

The vertical screen screw compactor (MID/V) is an integrated system consisting of a screen, screw auger and press unit designed to be installed into sumps, manhole chambers, underground chambers, pumping stations and other confined spaces.

During operation, larger solids will collect directly on the auger from the incoming flow, while the smaller solids will progressively collect onto the screen mesh. At a preset inlet water level, the screw auger will be activated and convey the solids to the pressing zone. Brushes on the lower section of the screw auger clean the screen mesh, allowing for increased flow through the MID/V.

The solids/screenings are compacted and dewatered. Depending on the solids’ properties, a volume reduction of up to 40 percent dry solids (DS) can be achieved prior to discharging the screenings into a bin. A continuous bagging system is also available to capture the screenings and control odor and the bag can be easily sealed without contact.

A jet wash facility will break down and remove fecal, semi-solid and soluble matter and return it to the inlet flow. Additional jets can be installed to the wash system to meet a higher specification of organic removal from the solids. Efficiencies greater than 90 percent can be achieved in fecal matter washing.