News | June 2, 2014

Veolia Water Technologies Expands Presence In The Philippines With Water Treatment Solution For New ANDA Power Plant

Veolia Water Technologies is once again proud to be selected by Formosa Heavy Industries (FHI) Taiwan to provide total water solutions for Trust International Paper Corporation's (TIPCO) new ANDA power plant in the Philippines. The project follows last year's contract won with FHI for San Miguel Corporation's Limay power plant in the Philippines, and like the former, the ANDA project will include the Actiflo technology amongst other Veolia water technologies for a complete, customized water treatment solution.

"This contract is a testament of Veolia's capabilities as a water and wastewater solutions provider; with over 900 references and more than 20 years of experience with operating the Actiflo system, Veolia has the deep insight and know-how that our partners and end users truly value. Our previous project with San Miguel Corporation was also an additional advantage for this new plant as both parties had positive experiences then, and were keen to work together again", Carlo Patteri, Business Development Director South East Asia Industrial, said.

Veolia was also able to satisfy two other significant considerations from the customer. After the success of commercial operation of the first power plant, TIPCO is expecting to build the second power plant with a strict schedule that Veolia needed to commit to in order to deliver the ANDA plant on time.

"Veolia was able to add value to the project by providing a cost-effective solution to remove high silica for the plant's cooling tower supply, thereby reducing overall project management costs, to help the customer to mitigate the high capital and operational expenditures associated with its tight schedule",Robinson Lo, Business Development Director, Taiwan, in charge of this project, shared.

The ANDA power plant will feature a total Veolia wastewater treatment solution that includes a pre-treatment process, demineralized water system, condensate polisher, and wastewater treatment system. The feed water provided by coal-fired plants can contain impurities with high silica content and suspended solids, so an efficient water pretreatment system is essential to provide qualified water for demineralized water system. Veolia's Actiflo technology will be used during the pre-treatment and wastewater treatment stages to treat the industrial water.

Actiflo, a high-rate clarification system with a small footprint, incorporates mircosand (Actisand) to enhance the flocculation process, and is suitable for wastewater applications due to its high treatment efficiency in eliminating pollutants. Actiflo is a reliable technology that also reduces capital and operational costs for customer, and an ideal solution for process water production and wastewater treatment.

Carlo Patteri concluded, "With the small footprint of the Actiflo system in this project, Veolia was able to reduce significantly civil costs. Coupled with our ability to adhere to the customer's tight deadline and our expertise in providing high quality cost-effective water and wastewater solutions, we are able to demonstrate our capabilities as a leader in water and wastewater solutions. Veolia is privileged to have the opportunity to work with FHI again, and look forward to working with others in the power industry and beyond."

SOURCE: Veolia Water Technologies