News | July 11, 2016

Veolia Brings First-In-Class Automated Cooling Water Treatment HYDREX™ AquaVista To Asia

Source: Veolia Water Technologies
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Veolia Water Technologies (Veolia) recently introduces a new solution, the HYDREX™ AquaVista (Aquavista™ 5C), to manufacturers operating in Asia. An automated control and monitoring system adaptable for most water treatment systems including both open and closed cooling circuits, membranes and boilers, the Aquavista™ 5C is a state-of-the-art technology capable of collecting operational data, calculating corrective actions, executing corrections, communicating with the system’s operator, and controlling the optimum design parameters.

With cooling systems, operators have to continuously adapt the chemical dosing in the water to mitigate fluctuating make-up and cooling water parameters. The Aquavista™ 5C is Veolia’s automated technology to diagnose cooling systems conditions for appropriate chemical response solution, and it provides users with key features and functions of top-of-the-line cooling monitoring and controlling systems. This solution can prevent adverse effects like corrosion, deposits, fouling, and microbiological growth in cooling towers.

The new technology boasts of ‘5Cs’ – collect, calculate, correct, communicate, and control – and it offers manufacturers key benefits such as minimizing risk concerning scale and corrosion, maximizing water usage, optimizing blow-down water and related discharges, facilitating reports and operating conditions, and achieving highest water treatment systems performance.

Specially designed for integrated management of water treatment systems, Aquavista™ 5C also excels in remote monitoring, which allows access of information through the Aquavista™ 5C portal on a smart phone or tablet. This enables manufacturers to retrieve equipment status performance and data from any location instantly, and it facilitates fast reaction times when readings deviate from standard parameters.

A space-saving technology due to its compact design, the Aquavista™ 5C features five levels of optimization:

  • Reducing fresh water utilization
  • Controlling chemical consumption
  • Ensuring occupational safety
  • Increasing plant efficiency and performance
  • Enhancing human productivity

Matthieu Gillet, Hydrex Water Treatment Additives, Asia Industrial, Veolia Water Technologies, concluded, “Fluctuations in cooling circuit conditions can negatively impact the various components in the cooling system. It’s crucial that manufacturers take preventive measures by improving and optimizing these conditions. A step up from generic cooling tower technologies, the Aquavista™ 5C is Veolia’s breakthrough solution for smart chemical dosing and monitoring technology for cooling systems. In line with Veolia’s motto of developing access to, preserving, and replenishing resources, we are confident that the Aquavista™ 5C will help manufacturers to mitigate the impact of their business activities on the environment.”

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SOURCE: Veolia Water Technologies