Venturi Inlet Single-Jet Technology

Venturi Inlet (Single Jet) - The Venturi inlet conditions the water into a jet directing the flow and force of water towards the tips of the impeller.

This gives single jet meters the following advantages over traditional meters:

  • Allows the meter to be installed without any straight pipe in front or behind the meter.
  • Takes force off the bearing and shaft transferring the energy or force of the water to the tips of the impeller dramatically improving low flow accuracy and bearing wear.
  • Debris passes by the impeller without jamming the meter or dramatically wearing the impeller.

The Twin-Pivot Floating Impellar Design - The impellar turns on a sharp tungsten carbide tip to reduce friction at low flow, and at higher flows the impeller floats to reduce wear on the low flow bearing.

Magnetically Driven Encoder - registers can be easily replaced without disturbing service.

Absolute Optical Encoder - compatible with all major manufactures' AMR solutions, the OER utilizes non-contact Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to provide a reading, without the friction and wear of traditional mechanical encoders. This friction free design not only eliminates register failures but it takes less force to turn the impeller resulting in better low flow accuracy.