Datasheet | May 25, 2017

Vehicle Gateway Base Station (VGB) Datasheet

Source: Sensus, a Xylem brand

The VGB can read any device equipped with FlexNet® communication network drive-by technology. It is controlled with AutoVu®, our software program specially designed for operating our drive-by meter reading equipment. Simply load the desired reading route into your laptop computer and drive along the prescribed route.


  • AutoVu user-friendly software allows changes to route information and uploads to your billing system
  • Portability via a metal case includes a laptop, cables and magnetic mounting antenna, turning your vehicle into a meter-reading machine
  • Compatibility with FlexNet communication network drive-by technology, enabling migration path to the latest FlexNet and positions you for a fixed-base solution in the future
  • System reliability in FCC-protected frequencies, tamper resistance, leak detection and battery alarms