VariOx™ Jet Aeration


The VariOx™ jet aeration system is an aeration and mixing device used in numerous water and wastewater treatment applications. Jet aeration combines many of the benefits and efficiencies of both mechanical and diffused air type systems. The jet aerator consists of an inner liquid nozzle and an outer air nozzle. Liquid from the basin is re-circulated through a jet motive pump and discharged through the inner liquid nozzle at a high velocity. Concurrently, air is fed into the outer air nozzle where it is mixed with the motive liquid and discharged as a high energy jet plume.

The cross flow of motive liquid through the air entering the outer nozzle creates a shearing action which generates a medium to fine air bubble. The air bubbles are entrained within the jet plume and discharged in a horizontal plane into the lower portions of the basin.

The jets can be operated with or without air being fed through the outer air nozzle. This provides the functionality of both a mixer and an aeration device. Air rates can also be varied through the outer nozzle which provides the ability to maintain a complete mix condition while adjusting air rates to satisfy process requirements

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