UVT-LED Sheds Light On UV Disinfection


Learn why measuring UV transmittance is so important to efficient disinfection, and how LED helps get you there.

Chris Walker of Sensorex was interviewed by Todd and Kelly of Water Online Radio about a new product launch – the UVT-LED – and the impact it can have on UV disinfection operations.

In describing the technology, which is Sensorex’s first foray into optical measurement, Walker explains that the UVT-LED is “used to tune the UV disinfection systems for treating water in both municipal and industrial applications.”

 “We use LED technology, so you don’t have any of the concerns with RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive requirements] for disposing with mercury lamps that are used traditionally,” he continues. “Furthermore, the lifetime of the LED should be years and years and years, when traditional lamps need to be replaced every year. We’re reducing the maintenance for our customers, hopefully creating some additional value for them that way.”

LED, Walker contends, is the most advanced and reliable method:

“We’re passing light through water, and on the other side, we’re measuring how much light gets through. With that, you can understand how intense you need the UV disinfection lamps to be in order to fully disinfect the water … unlike a measurement like turbidity, [where] traditionally you can’t see exactly what’s going on with UV transmittance.

“We also have a patented wiper technology, and what we’re doing is cleaning the lens of the optics every time, as well as passing light through a known reference quartz crystal. We’re calibrating the device every minute. Other devices will see this downward drift in measurements, where we won’t see that because we’re calibrating it all the time. It should really reduce the amount of maintenance checking from the operator’s perspective, lower the total cost of ownership overall.”

Tune in to the full interview below to learn more.

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