UV Disinfection With LEDs

Source: Aquionics

UV LEDs offer the chemical free disinfection of traditional UV while avoiding mercury lamps. In certain applications where customers are concerned about the potential hazards of mercury contamination in the water from a broken lamp, UV LEDs are interesting because they don’t contain any mercury content at all.

In this Water Online Radio interview, Dan Shaver, business development manager for Aquionics, discusses UV LEDs in depth including a number of industrial applications and their relative cost and power consumption compared to traditional UV lamps.

“Rather than looking to take market share from existing UV products, we see new markets for LEDs,” Shaver explains. “For example, wastewater treatment, decentralized treatment, integration as an OEM product into medical devices or in the food and beverage industry.  There are a lot of different markets that UV LEDs open up for us.”

To learn more about UV LEDs, click on the radio player below.

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