UNOX™ Process Upgrade

Source: Praxair, Inc.

Praxair has had an extensive history of innovation in the wastewater treatment process. About 15% of all wastewater treatment in the United States occurs in UNOX™ type systems. Since their original construction, many facilities now require adherence to new regulations. Praxair can help you make the required changes to ensure that your facility is running in the most efficient way possible and in line with current standards. We provide a wide range of technologies for UNOX™ facilities. These include enhancements that can help you achieve reduced operating costs and improved reliability through the upgrade of oxygen generation and dissolution equipment.

One of the most significant improvements has been the introduction of the I-SO™ in-situ oxygenated aeration system. The I-SO™ systems have successfully replaced the existing surface aeration devices in UNOX™ tanks. They are designed to efficiently dissolve oxygen into wastewater, providing up to a 30% reduction in the mixing and oxygenation energy used at the facility. Most facilities also have new regulations that require either nitrification or total removal of reduced nitrogen, Praxair also offers a retrofit to promote both.

Whether you require energy reduction, improved reliability and maintenance, or complete nitrogen removal, Praxair offers systems that will meet your needs.