Case Study

Case Study: United Water New Jersey Discovers Large Leak On 42-Inch Water Main With Echologics Transmission Main Leak Detection Service

Source: Mueller Water Products

United Water New Jersey (UWNJ), a subsidiary of United Water, one of the leading water and wastewater service providers in the United States, provides water services to more than 800,000 people throughout Bergen and Hudson counties and surrounding areas. Its system contains more than 2,100 miles of water main that delivered (distributed) approximately 38.5 billion gallons of water in 2009 alone.

Like many utilities, UWNJ was concerned about being able to identify transmission and distribution main leaks. However, its field crews, as well as the outside contractor, have difficulty accurately detecting and locating leaks in larger diameter water mains and sections of pipe that did not have available appurtenances. In an effort to improve water conservation and reduce non-revenue water, UWNJ began evaluating leak detection services with the ability to accurately isolate leaks on large diameter mains.